Applying for and Admission to Health Professional Schools

The application process to professional school is a long and expensive one. The Program coordinator can help with obtaining application materials and determining application and test deadlines. Careers in healthcare include a wide variety of options, as the links below indicate. It is important that you investigate different types of schools and what their requirements are. Also, you must let the committee know which schools you have applied to so that the committee letter will be sent to those schools.

For standard (i.e., allopathic) medical school, the requirements for admission are particularly rigorous. Ideally, your GPA should be 3.5 or above and total MCAT scores above 28. However, there are NO hard and fast rules about who will be admitted. If you are able to obtain scores such as those above, you will have a good chance of admission. If your scores are lower, do not assume that you can not become an M.D. Since each case is different, it is worthwhile to discuss your options with committee members and the Program coordinator.


The Internet contains a vast amount of information pertaining to professional schools. The following list of websites represents a good starting point to research many different topics pertaining to health professions.

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