University of Illinois Veterinary School: Interview questions for Spring 2002


Questions were 2 parts: scored hypothetical and informal, all 350 interviews held in one day, 20-minute interview, and they had not seen my application


Interviewers (3): a vet school faculty member, a 3rd year student and a local vet


Scored Questions:


1)      In the wake of 9/11, what are the responsibilities of a veterinarian regarding terrorism?

2)      If the practice you worked for called you and asked you to come in on your day off, would you go in (assume another vet called out sick)?

3)      If you showed up at a dairy farm and the owner greeted you by asking when the real vet was arriving, how would you respond? (assume you are a recent grad)

4)      You have dinner plans with your significant other and the receptionist sneaks an appointment in for a dog that you have recently seen that is still coughing after the last scheduled appointment, do you stay?

5)      You are examining your 2nd biggest clientís horse and see what appears to be abuse, what do you do?

6)      We learn more, sometimes, from our failures than our successes, what is your biggest failure and why?What did you learn from it?

7)      Veterinary school requires 6-8 hours of class/lab daily in addition to study time, how do you think you would adapt to this?

8)      You are working in the diagnostic lab with a group in which two members donít get along, what would you do?


Informal Questions:

1)      What specific areas of veterinary medicine are you interested?

2)      What do you do to relieve stress?

3)      How did you end up at your current university?

4)      How did you become involved in pursuing veterinary school?

5)      Tell us about yourself.

6)      Do you have any questions for us?

-they asked a few other questions based on the answers I gave for the ones above.