Extracurricular Activities That Can Help Your Admission to Professional School

Although your GPA and professional school test results are the most important data on your application for admission, other activities that occur outside the classroom are extremely important. For any professional school, participation in undergraduate research (and presentation of the results at a meeting) enhances your application. Working or volunteering at a hospital or other health services area is important. This not only looks good to an admissions committee, it will help you decide if this is the career you truly desire. Health careers are varied and numerous. We encourage you to experience as many of them as you can to help you make the best possible choice for yourself.

The Pre-PAC sponsors a Shadowing Program in association with New Britain General Hospital. Applications for participation in this program are taken twice a year, usually in September and January. Students shadow several physicians at New Britain General, getting the opportunity to see what daily life is like for several medical specializations.

Unlike medical schools, Physician Assistant schools frequently require 1000 patient contact hours prior to application. One thousand hours (25 forty hour weeks) is a great deal of volunteer work. To receive payment for patient contact hours, many students enroll in IT 380 Emergency Medical Technician, and gain certification as an EMT. This allows a student to be paid while accumulating patient contact hours and having the opportunity to watch the medical professions in action.


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